“My energetic artworks vibrate with passion, transport deep emotions and have an invigorating effect on their own person. The subtle nuances, the expressive coloring and the fluid transitions can be understood as a mirror of my soul world.

The viewer is invited to jump into the rapids of life and explore the emotional ocean depths of their own being. He perceives the world through my eyes, recognizes the beauty in the detail and feels touched by my artistic expression.

My art thereby celebrates the uniqueness of the moment and the multifaceted richness of life. It makes the recipient’s heart beat faster and motivates him to fulfill the most ardent desires of his heart as the conductor of his own composition. One is immersed in a world in which everything seems possible.”


Steffen Schwien is a visual artist from Germany whose paintings have been exhibited internationally and have found favor with some major art collectors. Together with works by Picasso, Miró and Dalí, his compositions form an impressive symbiosis within these private collections. His “incomparable artistic expression” and the “liveliness and profundity of his paintings” were also honored by the jury at an art award ceremony.

Schwien’s energetic handwriting is clearly reflected in his paintings. It transfers to the dynamic color gradients and lively structures he creates on canvas. The authenticity of his artistic work is unmistakable to the recipient. Schwien succeeds in living the extraordinary art that springs from his innermost being.

The self-taught artist from Hamburg, who was born in Eutin in 1992, has literally found the true meaning of his life in the visual arts. His powerful yet harmonious expression touches people’s hearts. Through his emotionalizing compositions he communicates directly with the viewer and thereby lets him participate in the “intoxication of vitality”.

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