Impressions: Heartbeat | Barlach Halle K, Hamburg | 2021

The exhibition in Barlach Halle K shows works from the three-year work cycle “Heartbeat” – an art project that is particularly close to Steffen Schwien’s heart. The paintings in this art series invite the viewer to jump into the rapids of life and explore the emotional ocean depths of their own being. They celebrate the uniqueness of the moment and the pleasure of beauty. The expressive coloring, fluid transitions and lively tone of these compositions make the recipient’s heart beat faster and pulse soar. One feels energized, intoxicated, ecstatic, immersing oneself in a world where anything seems possible. The artworks of this series motivate the recipient to become the conductor of his own life, fulfilling the most ardent desires of his heart. The universal language of art will also be used to generate donations for the Toni Kroos Foundation and the projects of Viva con Agua within the auction of the invigorating painting “Courage” – an absolute affair of the heart for Schwien. You can find more information here.

“Eutin, Hamburg, Milan, Dubai, New York – that’s how success stories go. When you’re traded on the international art market at the age of 28 and drama is also mixed into your biography, the story is perfect.” (Lübecker Nachrichten)

“The passion with which Steffen dedicates himself not only to his art but also to social initiatives really impressed us. His commitment is a great example of how “ART CREATES WATER” works, that is, how artists can add value to Viva con Agua’s projects with their work.”
(Viva con Agua)

“We are thrilled with how much Steffen has worked for the auction to also support our foundation with the proceeds.
A huge thank you for that!”
(Toni Kroos Stiftung)

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