Wings | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | price on request

The wings are spread, a cool breeze touches the adrenalized body and the soul sets off on an emotional wandering. The signature of this spectacle is a sign that combines freedom, passion and determination. Love – the mother of all emotions – is floating above the high-contrast composition, as if the colorful, diverse structures had sprung from its pen. “Wings” is a powerful painting that, upon closer inspection, reveals a gentle delicacy and nuanced lightness that is transferred to the recipient and makes him dance with the clouds.

Sunshine in the face | 140 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | price on request

Brightly shining and blessed with a never-ending love for humanity in its heart, the sun makes us happy every day with its devoted even motherly omnipresence. This brilliant celestial body, without which an existence on this planet of ours would be impossible, is able to bring light into even the darkest times – which each of us has to live through once. “Sunshine in the Face” conjures a smile on the recipient’s face and at the same time reminds us of the sad valleys that man must pass through in a tearful trot. The depth inherent in this work reveals itself to the viewer in the second moment and thereby grants insights into an artistic life of the soul, which, like being per se, is characterized by love, hate, sorrow and joy.

Man in the Mirror | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | price on request

Whose eyes do you look into when you cast a tentative glance in the mirror? Does the gateway to the soul reveal a world you would dive into without hesitation? “They say you don’t have to love yourself. But without love of oneself there would be no life.” Tolstoy’s thought not to despise a person’s self-love, but to consider it as the basis of his existence, is taken up in “Man in the Mirror”. This painting unites various components – inner love, love for each other, living love externally – without, however, neglecting Michael Jackson’s credo, which is hovering over this work and gives it its leading note: If you want to change the world positively, then the change must begin within you.

Crazy yet understood | 100 x 80 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 - 2022 | sold

As simple and yet as complex as music, a bright symphony of colors resounds in the background of this high-contrast composition, pouring over the viewer’s head like a powerful waterfall and making his eyes shine. Wild gradients emerge on the surface of the work, complementing each other, converging only to separate from themselves in the next moment and walk forever on separate paths – never touching each other again. “He’s crazy. He’s so colorful. He’s different” is whispered and gossiped about behind closed doors. This key work, based on the artist’s personality and expressing his experience of being different, is intended to remind the recipient that nothing in life is impossible, that it is worth being proud of your own character, not hiding anything and loving yourself for what makes you unique.

Memories | 100 x 120 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 - 2022 | sold

The view of the starry and clear night sky with its numerous wonderful secrets and peculiarities triggers a storm of thoughts in the protagonist that catapults him far beyond the limits of his consciousness. Numerous memories that we associate with our loved ones can be seen in the form of bright constellations in the firmament. Each story is interwoven with another. “Memories” radiant structures, which stand out especially against the deep black background, appeal to the recipient’s innermost emotions. As a viewer, one is allowed to travel back to mental places that lay buried under the weight of everyday life. With this composition, time is turned back.

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