Arbor Vitae | 80 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | price on request

“Arbor Vitae” is a work that conveys the artist’s manifested movements through a contrasting and dynamic color effect. Dancing, liberated and uninhibited, Schwien applies the paint to the canvas, transmitting his emotions unfiltered and thus breathing artistic life into the work. The painting can be understood as an expression of his agile and spirited nature. At the same time, the composition is based on its own rhythm. Schwien moves to the beat of the music, listens to the melody in his heart and lets these sensations flow into the painting.

Pirate's Dream | 120 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

Bubbling water. A raging spray. Fine gold gently woven into the structures. Stories of days long gone. “Pirate’s Dream” reflects the pure spirit of adventure and freedom. A painting full of natural beauty and irrepressible energy. The dynamics of the surf and the hypnotizing wave sculptures have been captured on canvas by Schwien. The sky cinema plays its greatest hits, captivating the recipient. The viewer of the work tastes the salt on his lips and feels the cool breeze on his skin. “Pirate’s Dream” awakens the desire in you to explore the splashy world of the sea.

Burning Flame | 80 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | price on request

Schwien’s dynamic artistic expression reflects the artist’s turbulent emotional world with an almost hypnotic color effect. With agile and powerful sweeps, the paint is applied to the canvas. Deep emotions – behind which there is a clear consciousness – are transported through an immediate and direct painting technique. Unfiltered, the artist’s power and energy flow into the living work. “Burning Flame” can be understood as a tribute to the great abstract expressionists such as Pollock, de Kooning or Nitsch, who have significantly and stylistically enriched modern painting with their art.

Fearless | 80 x 80 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2020 | price on request

Van Gogh’s quote “What would life be if we didn’t have the courage to take a chance?” runs like a thread through the bold color composition and fearless structures that make up this artwork. “Fearless” reads like an appeal. It encourages the viewer to surrender to their most ardent desires and needs, to shape their life to their own liking, and to bring what is inside out. Have the courage to be yourself. Live life colorfully. We all have fear. The only question is how we face our fears. “Fearless” shows you that anything is possible in life. It is a courageous image whose emotionality and dynamism are automatically transferred to the viewer, motivating him to face his fears and overcome them. This image vibrates with motivational energy. It reminds you that the greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you can’t do.

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