Your Song | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | price on request

This artwork appears to the recipient like a melody that slowly unfolds and whose sounds echo directly in one’s own heart. It is a painting that visualizes the song lines that bring tears to our eyes at the touch of a button. “Your Song” was composed for you. It is your personal poem, your romantic encounter with life, your “Yes, I do.” The artist creates with this colorful and at the same time soulful composition a world in which you as a viewer may experience the crescendo, for which you are eagerly waiting, at any time. It is a painting that shows the beautiful butterfly that rests in our heart and whose counterpart we can find in our very own soul mate.

Stairway to Heaven | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

With this artistic composition, Schwien invites the viewer to climb the stairway to heaven and detach himself from all earthly concerns for a few seconds or even hours. This work of art addresses the unreal, not the real – the emotional, not the rational. It lets a supernatural symphony resound, which is able to trigger a state of highest ecstasy in the recipient. The mental clouds that often obscure the creative voice within us are transformed by the artistic energy of “Stairway to Heaven” into a bright blue summer sky full of imaginative elements. As a viewer, you return from this extraordinary journey empowered, invigorated and full of energy.

Origin | 120 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | price on request

With this intense color delight, Schwien has created an artwork that tells more than one story. Numerous legends have been imaginatively woven into this composition. Playfully, individual narrative strands, sharply delineated from each other as contrasting color worlds, are connected by gentle transitions. A common origin can be discerned in the book of life of each legend as well as on the colorful canvas of the artist. In this case, the viewer acts as the author and gets to decide whether to let his protagonist return to this root. “Origin” tells your very own story that will forever be recited in the hearts of your fellow humans.

Tears | 140 x 120 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | price on request

Numerous tears of immense joy, boundless love and endless pain were shed by the artist, transformed into paint and transferred to this masterpiece. Schwien grants grace to his own feelings with this artistic creation. The sensation of emotional release also has a liberating effect on the viewer. Left behind is a golden shining purity, the gentle mercy of the three moirs, and the reveling memories of those closest to us. “Tears” is a multi-faceted and profound artwork in which Schwien infuses an honesty, authenticity, and open display of one’s emotional life that is rarely found these days.

Heaven | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on framed canvas | 2021 | price on request

Gentleness. Purity. Clarity. A harmonious light surrounds us. The security of the warmth resting within us transfers to our spirit and allows it to go on an imaginary wandering. A radiant firmament of very own desires is made visible by the colorful accents of this composition. Heavenly feelings are washed to the surface of our consciousness. For everyone, paradise may take a different shape and form. For the artist, this begins with a virgin canvas. “Heaven” is characterized by a seemingly endless source of bright energy that touches the innermost part of our being and sends us on an emotional journey.

Guardian | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

In this, our life, two lonely souls embark on a common search for touch and love. The omnipresent guardian, who always holds his protective hand over you, whom you do not see, only feel, breathes colorful life into you in night-black moments. Two souls who place themselves in the care of a caring guardian angel fear nothing – especially loneliness. This artwork captivates with its high-contrast color scheme and lively dynamics. Inherent in this energetic composition is a belief that we have nothing to fear in life, as we are always and continually surrounded by love and guided by it.

Angel | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | price on request

With an angelic voice, this painting whispers to the recipient a secret message that only the recipient himself is able to understand. Centered, visible to everyone and yet for some eternally hidden, the angel we all carry under our hearts floats towards the light. In this enchanting work, the artist has captured his own encounters with these mystical symbols of love. The viewer allows himself to be kissed and well protected in an emotional embrace that never seems to end. “Angel” is the colorful manifestation of our heart’s deepest desires. It is love for another human being. It is faith in ourselves.

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