One Second of Eternity | Ostholstein-Museum

The exhibition is dedicated to the work of Steffen Schwien, an artist from Ostholstein who, after only six years of artistic activity, is already represented with exhibitions throughout Germany and abroad.

Steffen Schwien, born in 1992, lives and works in Hamburg and Ostholstein. A serious accident brought him as a self-taught artist to the fine arts, which he has since practised with passion and full physical commitment. For his materials are not only brush and paint: after preliminary sketches for the different colour areas and countless layers of acrylic paint have been applied to the canvas with the brush, Steffen Schwien works the liquid layers of paint with the Bunsen burner to bring the deeper-lying colour areas back to the surface. In this way, paintings with characteristic colour gradients are created, which, despite their two-dimensionality, generate a special depth and plasticity and fascinate the viewer. With his special painting technique and fine feeling for moods, Steffen Schwien captures numerous emotions and small moments in the painting – and thus creates “a second of eternity” in his works.

A catalogue will accompany the exhibition.

The vernissage will take place on 26 February at 11.30 am. Further information can be found here: Ostholstein Museum Eutin

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