Utopia - Let yourself be enchanted!

Steffen Schwien was born in Eutin in 1992 and has literally found the true meaning of his life in the visual arts. His powerful yet harmonious expression touches people’s hearts. Through his emo- tionalising compositions, he communicates directly with the viewer and thus lets him participate in the “intoxication of vitality”. His current exhibition UTOPIA reflects a world that exists only in our thoughts, whose fictitious character affects the remotest corners of our being and stimulates our imagination with its colourful unreality. With UTOPIA, Schwien invites us to dream and lets us fly to the stars.

Utopia | 28.01. – 26.03.2023

The “IncubARTor of Galerie Rother” Wiesbaden presents exciting works by up-and-coming young artists of all kinds. Currently, the artist Steffen Schwien is shown in this showroom in the 1st quarter of 2023. From Saturday 28 January, the exhibition entitled “UTOPIA” will be open to the public.

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