Supernova | 60 x 50 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2020 | sold

When a star self-annihilates, an immeasurable amount of energy is released. This phenomenon is accompanied by a brief, bright flash. The explosion-induced luminosity of the star is beyond our imagination. The star is said to be as bright as an entire galaxy at the end of its lifetime. And just like any star, all people are mortal. This work of art is meant to depict the attempt to artistically capture on canvas one’s own short-term, bright shining. Every person leaves many traces on his way through life. “Each person is his own universe.” This painting is to remind you to carry the immeasurable luminosity of your own being to the outside world every day.

Partner in Crime | 60 x 50 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2020 | sold

“Partner in Crime” adds a new layer to the philosophy that “A close relationship needs two wide hearts.” The energy inherent in an honest connection is usually perceived as intoxicating. You see two people interacting with each other whose hearts beat in the same beat. Siblings, couples, parents or friends whose souls are kindred radiate something eerily positive within their appearance. “Partners in Crime” cultivates this feeling and conveys this radiance through the fluorescent colors. Who are your partners in crime in life, with whom you will land the next big score? Who can you rely on? Whose friendship is worth more to you than the admiration of the whole world? The dynamics underlying this composition are unique – just like the connection with the people you surround yourself with.

Musique de Nuit | 60 x 50 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2020 | price on request

The small and large stories that are written at night were immortalized on this canvas in colorful form. Schwien lets the viewer participate in his own little night music. It is the intermediate tones that make the overall work something very special. Melodic as the chirping of the nightingale resound the abstract notes that Schwien is able to create with his artistic expression. “Musique de Nuit” transmits the musical genius of great composers like Mozart, Beethoven or Bach. It is a work of art whose fluorescent accents and contrasting structures stand out in the artistic context. “Composed is already everything, but not yet written”. This painting draws your attention to the great moments you can create yourself. Be the tone poet of your own composition.

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