Butterfly Tears | 150 x 250 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | price on request

Tears, like scars, cross the face and leave traces that make what was once so flawless now appear deeper, give meaning to the essence of life. They are the reflection of the inner self. A touch of honesty in a world without shadows. Carefully, even gracefully, the butterfly unfolds its wings and encloses with its presence those who have forgotten to dream. It is love and the heart. It is art and truthfulness. It is the many pauses between the individual notes that make the song incomparable. “Butterfly Tears” combines the big with the small. Gentle understatement and hyperbole in a poem whose blaze of color should not distract from the tears that were shed in its creation.

Dots of tulips in the summer pond | 40 x 50 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2024 | sold

The tulip whispers questioningly: / How did you find me? / Pond, you are mine and I am yours, / We are the same at the core. // The pond now responds: / You are dear to me, / You are my joy and my friend, / I would like to kiss you all the time. // A breeze gently caresses the water, / The two unite, / Is reflected in the sunshine – / The dance as old as eons. // And when the scent of flowers fades, / The leaves change color, / Consecrated ponds never understand, / Why people let themselves be divorced. // For basses boom in the being / That resonates in the other, / Longing demands of the mirror image / That it reflects the same.

The unknown spans the world | 40 x 50 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | sold

Tomorrow we will no longer be there. Tomorrow we will wake up, yawn, rub the fairy dust from our eyes, look in the mirror and see a new person. At night, the starstorm sweeps away all the thoughts that occupy us during the day. It is this starstorm that frees us, that cleanses us, that changes us and reshapes us. Our mind cannot grasp this process, but our heart can. This emotional rebellion of the soul was captured here in a colorful swirl full of depth, dynamism and longing. “The unknown spans the world” may be understood as a composition whose nocturnal melodies sound into the day.

Furrows of the Past | 100 x 200 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | sold

Every human being will be marked by scars in the course of his or her life. Either they are physical scars that mark the body and are evidence of adventurous stories and daring incidents, or they are the deeper, profound psychological scars that determine and shape one’s own existence like significant caesurae. This composition is based on precisely these traces of past wounds that are visible on the surface. “Furrows of the Past” reflects the events and encounters that have shaped and formed Steffen Schwien as a person as well as an artist. It is a key work whose significance extends beyond its inherent artistic value and reflects the story of a man who had to bear many scars in order to recognize his true passion and find the meaning of his life.

La Nuit | 120 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

Pearls of sweet stardust form on the colorful canvas. Speckled with millions of experiences that we may perceive at night with closed eyes, this composition itself appears like the manifestation of a dream. In the center of the painting, the guardian of sleep enthrones the sensual expanses of our consciousness. Like a loving shepherd, he guides us through even the most vivid scenes of our mind. The radiance that emanates from “La Nuit” and whose glow has a calming effect on the recipient is created within the painting. This composition remains constantly in motion, like the dream perpetuum mobile that we are privileged to experience night after night.

Lying moon in starlight | 50 x 60 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2023 | sold

Milky stars cover the night sky. A warm breeze plays around the senses. It is as if the moon has come to rest, as if it has finally found peace and received love. The unattained seems very close. Finitude appears achieved. A glitter surrounds the moonbeams, which find their way to the earth and slowly, very slowly serve as a compass for the seeker. The lying moon knows that it has nothing to fear – neither the cold of loneliness nor the envious look of other planets. It is woven into a warming web of starlight and enchanting magic. This inherent warmth is transmitted to the upward gaze, allowing thoughts to rest and consciousness to drift.

Love Meadow | 120 x 160 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | price on request

Playful flashes of joy and love flicker across a lush green meadow, expanding the vastness of the mind. The sun breaks through every cloud front, the sky shines brighter and the deep red color of new beginnings seeps into the pores of the first full moon of spring. Wild and opaque appears the hullabaloo of one’s own heart, which hears sounds from the counterpart, which it has never perceived before in this intensity. The place where two souls meet, however, is the “Love Meadow”, which lies calmly like a gentle ocean at the bottom of the composition. This is where the fewest chaotic thoughts stray. Silence and understanding reign here. This meadow is the place where the union of hearts can take place. It is the haven of peace that is often missed in this fast-paced world.

Forgiveness | 50 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2023 | price on request

And suddenly it was there: the certainty that you can’t control everything in life. A slap in the face that throws the world out of joint gently brings you back to reality. A psychological pain spreads through the body, replacing the physical pain – in a way, exceeding it. Anger, despair, bitterness and fear mix in the blood and create an emotional cocktail that has an inhibiting effect on the whole system. Many hours full of disbelief at what has happened, at the unscrupulousness of people, pass by. And suddenly it sets in: The healing. You never know what the decisive reason for this is. Is it the conversations with loved ones? Is it the art, the making and creating? Or is it a general process – triggered by reflection and self-reflection? For me, it is clear that I must first forgive myself and then the other person so that I am not chained to the past, but can move towards the future with strength.

Golden Future | 50 x 60 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

The golden future is created in the moment of being! This work of art can be understood as an emotional plea: Every precious second of the day should be enjoyed to the fullest. Why compromise and throw yourself only half-heartedly into the colorful life? The brightly colored radiance of this painting truly touches and inspires. It reflects the moment of creation, in which everything seems infinite. One perceives, observes and becomes grounded. One focuses on what is essential in life. “Golden Future” is an expression of this unison, which is created in the now, but affects every future moment with an intensity that we humans can rarely comprehend.

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