Painted Poetry

Deep Sleep | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | price on request

Dancing and reeling,
Dreaming, deep the sleep,
Firmly rooted in everyday life,
At night many things come easy.
So close your eyes now
And count one, two, three,
The mind begins to wander,
The moonlight kisses you softly.
The dreams accompany you,
Woken by the shepherd
And fiery, hissing, full,
The dragon of thy life,
Awakes in the morning now,
Never falls asleep again,
Is always there,
Forever well protected.

Peace of Heart | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021-2022 | sold

Peace of heart inside my soul,
Beating in the sunshine,
Blazing fast and yet so pure,
The rabbit likes to stand alone,
But when he is in company,
And birds surround him,
He knows neither friend nor fox,
Can conquer any foe.
He feels as if he could win this fight,
But he cannot win it,
So he lets peace begin
And now shouts as if from his senses:
I don’t want to fight anymore, I’ve had enough,
I never really want to battle again,
For peace is the will of God,
My only true friend.

Human equals Human | 100 x 120 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021-2022 | sold

Pain lies in the depths,
And seeks its space,
It is as if in the letter,
Trapped is the dream.
The freedom of all people,
Of body, mind and heart,
Never knows such limits,
Forgotten is the pain.
The equality of thoughts,
Each now thinks for himself,
Shall grow and flourish,
With no dividing line at all.
The flower of freedom blooms,
Thrives quite gloriously,
Courage glows, burgeons and sprouts,
Emerges in the superego.

Love chorus from the breeze | 120 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2018-2022 | price on request

A breeze now passes through the night,
Covers the land with kisses,
In the moon’s light the splendor,
Is reflected on the rivers.
On the tree of life the time begins,
To repeat itself again,
The ripe fruit, now is ready,
Can finally take a breath.
In the undergrowth the animals,
They sing, they swing, they jump,
They celebrate amorous joy,
They let the wind’s rapture resound.

One on the ground | 50 x 60 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2020-2023 | price on request

One on the floor,
The other at the table,
Raised from the chair,
The smile goes out.
A birthplace that shapes,
The life determines,
One, he suffers,
The other, he takes.
So diverse that the tears,
Of man are clouded,
That the dreams yearn,
Appearances, light they deceive.
Man on the floor,
Wants to sit at the table,
Wants to eat, wants to drink,
Wants wine as well as fish.
The hand is given to him,
He needs the love of his brother,
Injustice disappears,
Freedom of life emerges.

Dancing Trees | 60 x 80 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2019-2022 | sold

A floating branch,
In the summer night wind,
Swiftly the load
Has been taken off.
Freedom under the white star,
Shines bright and dark grey,
Throws shadows in the glow’s core,
And let the morning dew shine,
Light and carefree,
The great trunk of the tree,
Outlines as if distorted,
Not silent, nor clammy,
Light as a feather,
Softly dancing in the evening.

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