The Expression of Beauty

Colorful cloud formations dance joyfully – driven by a gentle breeze – across a feather-light and bright blue sky of the arts. A gentle veil of beauty settles over the viewer‘s eyes, while a blissful silence and balance spreads comfortably warm within. Through an omnipresent sensitivity to the subtle nuances of life, with which the artist comes into contact like a graceful deer aware of its natural habitat in the undergrowth of feelings, the charisma of his emotional ambience is transferred to his artworks.

Schwien perceives the beauty that surrounds him through the eyes of one who carries resounding love in his colorful heart, who feels deepest gratitude for pure existence per se, and who, in the glistening light of insight, depicts the inner as well as the outer world on poetic-looking canvases. The magical aura of his paintings directs the recipient‘s gaze to an essential truth that is deeply rooted in us: true beauty is in all things – it only needs to be recognized.

What Schwien achieves with his art is to reflect a very own expression of beauty in his compositions and to share it openly with the public.

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