Explosive | 140 x 120 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2019 | not for sale

The pulse rises. The heart beats faster. Do you feel the blood pulsing in your veins? Do you feel the ecstasy? The adrenaline? “Explosive” celebrates the uniqueness of the moment. It’s an extraordinary masterpiece that makes your heart skip a beat, only for it to continue pounding at twice the speed in the next moment. All or nothing! “Explosive” invites you to jump into the rapids of life and explore the ocean depths of your emotions. Let yourself be swept away by the dynamic structures and overwhelmed by the expressiveness and richly expressive color power of this work of art. Dive into a world in which everything is possible. Be the conductor of your own life and fulfill your most ardent heart’s desire.  “Explosive” – Live life to its fullest!

Black Opal | 80 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | sold

This painting carries a secret within itself. A secret that is composed like a spider’s web of an infinite complexity and fine nuance. A secret that reveals itself to the attentive viewer only at second glance. It is the quintessence of every relationship. It is life in the present. It is a morning without regrets. Black opals carry entire universes within them. Each universe tells its own story. For Steffen Schwien, his story ends and begins with this one painting. If you look more closely, you realize that nothing abstract can be discerned in the color worlds of this composition. Every emotion feels real. Every structure is alive. “Black Opal” is symbolic of the last deep breath that fills the tense lungs before launching into a new adventure full of uncertainty and magnificent moments.

Golden Flame | 100 x 120 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

The flame of life burns fiery-emotionally in us and warms the heart with a powerful passion, which first spreads inside and is reflected in the next moment in our external environment. Shimmering gold and shining, this same flame dances in the eye of every beholder. The individual shades, which depict the diversity and the entire wonderful spectrum of our being, may vary depending on the mood – change, adapt. Meanwhile, as a recipient, you are carried away by a soulful, colorful explosion that represents the beginning of a profound journey whose purpose rests in itself and whose end is to be found in your own roots. The dynamic, multi-layered composition resonates in the heart, reflecting the diversity of one’s own colorful emotional life inherent in “Golden Flame” in particular and life in general.

Dynamite | 100 x 80 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2019 | sold

This feeling of an emotional explosion after a certain trigger that catapults you out of the eye of your own hurricane is familiar to everyone. The calm center, which consists of millions of zen moments that in their totality form a clear and calm but determined consciousness, can be massively influenced from the outside. “Dynamite” reflects one’s own expressive outburst that momentarily brings inner harmony into dysbalance. It is a powerful, passionate and lively work of art composed of thousands of multi-faceted emotions.

La Femme En Rouge | 130 x 80 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

The woman in the red dress combines beauty, elegance, intelligence, strength of character, femininity and masculinity. She dances lightheartedly and freely of the night to the intoxicating sounds of French chansons under an emerald starry sky full of moments of golden light. Her shimmering silhouette triggers pure euphoria and infatuation in the viewer and makes his heart beat noticeably faster. “La Femme En Rouge” not only transports great feelings – it is a painting that may be understood as Schwien’s emotional masterpiece. The woman in red will never fall silent. She will continue to dance forever.

The Wolf | 120 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2019 | sold

A secret lies dormant in this painting – a powerful, passionate abstraction whose complexity reveals itself to the viewer only upon closer inspection. The wolf can be described as an animal that has fascinated man since the dawn of time. Howls of wolves are imitated by children joyfully. Wolf packs move with an elf-like grace through Canadian or Siberian primeval forests. Numerous fairy tales and myths entwine around this graceful animal, which can become a dangerous predator within seconds. “The Wolf” is Schwien’s energetic, contrasting and complex homage to Isegrimm – one of the greatest animal hunters of our wonderful and diverse planet.

Destiny | 140 x 120 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | not for sale

“You are my destiny. You are my destiny in which I place all my trust. You are the fire that warms me with its never-ending love. You are the water that quenches my thirst for togetherness. You are the earth that sustains me with its infinite constancy. And you are the air that makes me take off emotionally and with which I reach for the stars dancing.” The great fortune of finding one’s soulmate and sharing the same deep, honest feelings with that very soulmate – as Schwien put into words in his marriage proposal – is the most beautiful gift of fate. It is a gift that should be granted to everyone once in a lifetime.

Shooting Star | 50 x 60 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2020 | sold

It is better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit! “Shooting Star” reflects a great passion that resonates in the heart of the viewer and makes him grow beyond himself. Musical greats like Elton John or Freddie Mercury never lost sight of their passions. They set high goals for themselves, did not settle for the ordinary and believed in themselves. They showed all the doubters and nay-sayers that it pays to stand by yourself and your dreams. A dream is just a dream – until you decide to make it happen!

Palms under the cloud moon | 100 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2023 | sold

The shimmering moon quietly makes its way across the firmament. Majestically, the gentle cloud formations in the foreground are illuminated, leaving room for personal interpretation and awakening the inner child in the mind. A constant clinking of palm leaves in the background provides the sonic backdrop in which the inner horizon becomes wide and the synapses lovingly embrace each other. An emotional outburst as a result of this picturesque interplay of sensory impressions is not long in coming: “You can’t get more artistic than this,” whispers the heart, “This is where I belong.” In such moments, in which we think of no standards, in which freedom stands above reason, we feel immortal. And immortality is what has been poured into this work.

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