Water of Life

Genesis | 150 x 200 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

The origin of this painting is closely interwoven with the history of the artist’s creation. “Genesis” depicts the artistic birth of Steffen Schwien. A serious accident in May 2010 forever marked the person, the individual, the soul of the devoted autodidact. This significant key event was captured on canvas eleven years later to the day as part of the creative genesis of the artwork. There are few artistic compositions that are characterized by such an essential story – associated with deep emotions and a tearful creative process – and also make it visible to the viewer.

Inner Ocean | 100 x 200 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2022 | sold

Intoxicating and tumultuous, hypnotizing and relaxing, the omnipresent wave structures of the dynamic ocean have an effect on the viewer. Truth lies hidden in the water of life. The source of every being can be found in this liquid element that fills our bodies and without which we would not exist. Schwien’s inner ocean was brought to the outside and was made visible. Every structure, every color gradient, every dynamic reflects an emotion manifested on the canvas, which springs from the water and in which we as viewers can find our salvation. “Inner Ocean” is a living composition that never stands still and has its own underlying magical energy that shines externally and warms the soul within.

Neptune's Portrait | 60 x 80 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2018 | sold

Wave sculptures and sky cinema. A feeling of freedom. The endless expanse of the sea captivates us. The dynamics of the surge. The water, the rush, the swell and bubble. The salt on our lips. The hair tousled by the wind. The mind so empty. “Neptune’s Portrait” is a declaration of love for the sea. It is a sea shanty sung by free spirits and adventurers. This work reflects the harmonic vibrations of the waves. It gives a glimpse into the depths of the ocean. It brings to the surface of the water the emotions felt while sailing, kiting or surfing. It is a tribute to the flowing waters that invigorate us, that make our hearts beat faster and give us freedom. “Neptune’s Portrait”: a painting that speaks from the soul of every water sports enthusiast.

Under Water | 40 x 50 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | price on request

Immerse yourself in a world where anything seems possible. In which time stands still. In which everything around you is magical. “Under Water” enchants your senses. It is a composition whose expressive coloring and dynamics will captivate you. Gently harmonious color accents were added to the abstract underwater world. “Under Water” is a painting whose flowing structures have a calming effect on your mind. The positivity behind the contrasting color composition will immediately raise your endorphin level.

Ocean Soundscape | 50 x 60 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

With this work of art, the viewer is invited to dive into the musical depths of the marine world. Gently you are caressed by the ocean blue sound rhythms that spring from the natural beauty of myriads of water molecules. “Ocean Soundscape” becomes your personal haven of tranquility. The painting makes you reminisce about vacation dreams long gone. It catapults you back to a time when you swam through the invigorating waters of our blue planet with a sense of freedom and ease. Let yourself drift and enjoy the sonorous visual experience this painting offers you.

African Waters | 60 x 80 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

“African Waters” reflects Schwien’s memories of his FSJ in beautiful Malawi, the “warm heart of Africa.” Lake Malawi, which shapes the breathtaking, scenic backdrop of the southeast African nation with its deep and multi-layered shades of blue, acts as a source of inspiration here. This dazzling composition, whose coloration blends harmoniously with the fine structures of the very same, has an invigorating and calming effect on the viewer at the same time. It is a work of art that will captivate you for hours.

The Great Rift | 50 x 30 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

A seemingly endless ocean trench stretches across the minimalist-looking canvas. The deep, rich blue tones have an almost hypnotic effect on the viewer. It seems as if the most fantastic stories of the underwater world have flowed into this composition. Mystical mythical creatures from the depths of a gigantic universe dance at night in the refractive light of the bright moon to the sounds of the rushing sea. “The Great Rift” brings to life your dazzling childhood dreams, where time still stood still and everything seemed possible.

Waterworld | 80 x 100 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | price on request

The infinite size of the ocean manifests itself as pure fascination in our minds when we observe the sea that never rests and always remains in motion. Probably we have told ourselves thousands of stories about the unexplored and enigmatic mysteries that have taken place on our oceans. “Waterworld” tells its very own story. Playing with the numerous nuances of this fascinating color spectrum, this radiant blue artwork takes you into the mysterious world of the wet element.

Ice Bath | 50 x 60 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

At what moments do you feel really alive? When do you feel with every fiber of your body, the life energies flowing through your veins? Ice bathing in a frozen lake can easily evoke this state! The idea of climbing into a tiny hole at an outside temperature of minus eleven degrees, feeling nothing but bone-chilling cold underneath you, and watching your own steaming breath, makes some people wake up from their dreams at night, drenched in sweat. Schwien loves and lives for these moments – they mean nothing but endless freedom and vitality to him. The feeling of being completely at one with yourself and totally rooted in the present is achieved while ice bathing. This icy, deeply layered and dynamic work of art reminds the viewer to leave their comfort zone from time to time and engage in the rush of aliveness.

Waves | 50 x 60 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2021 | sold

The waves of beautiful memories crash onto a beach of bliss. “Waves” washes to the surface all the positive emotions you have cultivated in your heart. This artwork embraces the energy of the vital element of water while playing with the vibrancy of ocean currents. As a visual crescendo, you recognize a spray of positivity that motivates the recipient to plunge into the waves and let your emotions carry you away.

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